My thoughts...

Are we finally home at last?


Many of you know that we lived in New Orleans and lost our house in Hurricane Katrina.  Since then, we've been trying to find our way and we've moved six times.  It's a distraction that I think is behind us.  We finally found a home in Southlake, Texas and closed on it on February 1st!

It's a modest home by Texas standards, with only 3500 square feet and it's missing the requisite pool and media room that most of our neighbors have , but it also has 2 1/4 acres of land, supposedly suitable for livestock.  The house was built in 1999, so it's not particularly old, but it's missing all of the things that I consider to be "necessities," such as structured wiring (whole-house ethernet and cable TV).  This gives me an opportunity to do upgrades on all of these systems and I have begun a fair number of them already.

Things on my list are ethernet (of course), security system, home automation, LED lighting and some other stuff.  Oh, and on the non-gadget side, I also got a John Deere tractor to take care of the lawn, which may have been the most exciting part of the move so far!

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